If your bank account and Zapier had a baby..

Banking that goes beyond

Automatic bill pay and rewards are cool but how about zero fees, no personal guarantees and the ability to integrate your business bank account with your tech stack?

Fee free but is it really?

At Sivo, yes it is
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    It's your money, no fees or subscriptions.
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    No minimum balance required or credit checks.
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    Connect your Sivo Cash account to popular accounting software including Quickbooks Online, Xero and Netsuite.

No credit checks or personal guarantees

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    Powered by Visa which means acceptance, worldwide.
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    Separate your personal credit from your business, even if you're starting out.
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    Flexible credit limits and zero interest if you pay your balance in full each month.
Debt line

Fast to deploy, designed to scale

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    Activate your debt line with a deposit to your Sivo Cash account
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    Drawdown capital in minutes and deploy via ACH or wire transfer
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    Pay interest only on the capital you withdraw
The ability to push funds in and out of Sivo, directly from our tech stack, is awesome.
Shaun Ng, Co-Founder and CTO
As accountants for a host of Silicon Valley companies, Sivo will make life easier.
David Harmon, CEO
SoCo Accountants and Tax