Next generation
debt funding

After meeting with 150+ lenders from New York to New Delhi, we designed our debt-as-a-service product from the ground up. We can't wait to see what you build.

Leveraging technology, removing complexity

Sivo Debt line
Transparent pricing, 100% advance rates and as little or as much capital as you need.
Obtaining debt funding isn't fun. We know because we've done it. Lots of upfront information asks, deals that take months to approve and are designed to extract fees and hard won equity.

So we changed it.
Days vs months or even years

A debt line that behaves like a secured credit line.

After meeting with 150+ lenders, we realized we needed to completely change the process of raising debt capital. We eliminated lengthy upfront data requirements and replaced this with quick access to capital and a transparent plan to increased leverage.
Programmatic and extensible

With hundreds of pre-built connectors to apps and databases, what will you build?

From embedded forms for credit applications to disbursing funds to borrowers. Need a Slack notification with that? We've got you covered.
We'll worry about funding, you focus on growth

Now you're up and running, it's time to scale.

Your Sivo Debt line gives you a transparent path to increasing leverage. From a $100K loan book all the way to $500M, we'll make sure you have the debt capital you need and celebrate each milestone with you.
That's what you'll pay in fees
*You only pay interest on the capital you draw down from your Sivo Debt line.
60 secs
To sign up
* You'll need to complete identity and business verification (KYC/KYB).
Lenders on our waitlist
* And an estimated $1b+ in debt need.
Sivo just makes sense. We get their product and their team gets us.
Akshay Krishnaiah, CEO at