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Your Sivo Debt line is easy to understand, fast to deploy and comes with best in class, business banking.

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How Sivo works

Step 1: Sign up and complete identity and business verification.
Step 2: Login to Sivo and deposit funds via ACH or wire to your Sivo Cash account.
Step 3: Add Visa charge cards for you and your team to use worldwide. Physical or virtual, you choose.
Step 4: With a deposit to your Sivo Cash account, your Sivo Debt line is ready for use. Drawdown as much or as little as you like.
Step 5: Increase leverage by sharing data and achieving pre-determined goals with your Sivo Risk team.
Step 6: Your job is to dream big. Our job is making sure you have the tools and debt funding you need to achieve those 3am, audacious goals.

“If gig platforms are the banks of the future, Sivo is the wingman.”

Andres Bilbao
Co-Founder, Rappi

“There's a gap in Fintech debt funding. It's called Sivo.”

Ezra Kebrab
Director of Global Fintech, Visa