Yield as a Service

Earn up to 5.5%

Sivo's yield API

enables businesses to enrich
their balance sheet at 6x the leading rate.

Yield is now a service! Attract and retain customers
by passing along what you earn.

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Yield-as-a-Service - Earn up to 5.5% APY on your excess cash | Product Hunt

How Sivo Yield Works

Step 1: Sign up and complete identity verification.
Step 2: Choose your rate of return and earn up to 5% APY.
Step 3: Deposit funds via ACH or wire transfer. Feeling programmatic? Use our API or Zapier to make your deposit.
Step 4: Earn interest on your funds and put it to good use. Just like deposits, use our API or Zapier to automate disbursements.
Step 5: We'll let you know when your yield account hits maturity. Renew or disburse funds to grow your business. Happy? Let's keep sailing!
Step 6: Your job is to dream big. Our job is making sure you have the tools and debt funding you need to achieve those 3am, audacious goals.

“Sivo is a great option for businesses to generate meaningful yield they can do something with.”

Esteban Peñaloza
CEO, Trii

“My bank can't get close to this interest rate and I get to support YC backed companies too!”

Andy Hoang
CEO, Aviron
Frequently asked questions

Not quite convinced?

Is there a minimum amount I need to deposit?
Yes, $250,000. Why? Because we want this to be a meaningful relationship for both of us and based on the waitlist, we expect our products to be over-subscribed.
Is there a lock or hold period for my funds?
Yes and no. You earn 3.5% yield with access to funds whenever you need cash. Yield increases based on the duration or hold period. We offer short-term durations of 6 and 12 months.
Is my deposit insured like a bank?
No, like other higher yielding products similar to bonds, these deposits aren't insured. And by the way, your bank account covers you for $250K so chances are as a business with excess cash, you aren't fully insured.
What am I funding?
We'd love to say "rockets to the moon!" but our Risk and Compliance team are pretty adverse to such statements. Sivo funds some of the greatest fintechs on the planet, backed by visionaries like Y Combinator. These companies are doing all sorts of cool things from building backyard rental homes to providing virtual store cards to small- and mid-sized retailers.


The success of these fintechs provides the yield to you. In a nutshell, you're funding loan programs at the most innovative (and well-funded) companies in the world.