Introducing Sivo

Welcome to the future
of lending

Sivo provides

debt-as-a-service. Our API allows companies to access debt funding and lend money to their users at scale.

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Backed by
Debt as a service

Debt funding that is easy to understand and quick to deploy

Debt funding designed for fintechs, neobanks and gig platforms.

Risk engine

A different approach to risk

Pre-built credit models, A/B testing and a transparent path to increasing leverage.


(Nickel and dime) free business banking

Cash account:
A programmatic, zero fee (ACH and wires) business checking account, designed to delight anyone doing your books.
Visa charge cards for you and your team. No personal guarantees and no fees for lost or extra cards.
Debt line:
Fund your lending business with a Sivo Debt line. Draw down funding in days vs weeks or months.
Extensible and programmatic

Spreadsheets need not apply

Integrate Sivo into your tech stack with hundreds of pre-built connectors to apps and databases.