June 2020
The Sivo leadership team have extensive experience in technology, risk and debt funding. We’ve built startups and worked at companies including Goldman Sachs, Lending Club, Google, Credit Karma, Revolut, American Express, Mastercard, Capital One and McKinsey.
Backed by Y Combinator
October 2020
Some of the biggest fintechs and platforms including Airbnb, Stripe, DoorDash, Coinbase and Brex are Y Combinator companies. At Sivo, we are constantly excited about the key role we play in the future of lending.
4 continents and counting
We’re all about being the hardest workers. Thanks to our team and originators, Sivo is recognized globally as a leading innovator in debt capital and embedded lending.
Our values

Besides a love of coffee, dancing babies and posting sunrise photos on Slack

  • Your best self
  • Be tolerant and embrace diversity
  • Be authentic
  • Have fun and love what you do
  • Learn
  • Be humble
  • Have each others back
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