AdFi™ = marketing budgets unlocked as capital

Our innovative patent pending approach to raise capital.

Zero setup cost  |  Risk mitigated  |  Cost-free capital  

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Ad-supported, cost-free capital

Turn marketing budgets into capital.

Users build credit by participating in offers from their favorite brands who pay a commission when they acquire a customer. Sivo funnels this capital directly to fintechs to fund their lending program, resulting in zero cost of capital and higher margins!
Before AdFi™
Traditional cost of capital = slim margins
Subprime / underbanked = high risk
Prime = competitive space
Cashback programs take time & money
After AdFi™
Cost free capital = higher margins
Tolerance to risk fuels user-base expansion
Eliminate reliance on prime customers
Cashback in a box turbocharges incentives
The problem

2+ billion people face credit challenges.

However, tapping into this vast market opportunity is challenging for Fintechs looking to innovate due to:

High cost of capital
Heightened risks
Unproven performance

So, how can you access this lucrative opportunity?

The solution

AdFi™ capital offers cost-free funding.

Access marketing budgets as capital to lend to subprime users without risking your company's stability.

Minimize potential losses
Keep all user repayments and fees
Improve margins
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For brands

Tap into a motivated and high conversion audience

Spend data is the new alternative to search and social data. Hyper targeted means less noise while eliminating the uncertainty of placement, ensuring your brand is safeguarded. And did we talk about conversion rates?

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Improved conversions
Less noise
Zero placement ambiguity